Since the dawn of time man has evolved the laguage first orally and then in writing transforming it from an instrument to an art.

The form of the language arts is expressed through: reading, writing, listening, speaking, watching, visually representing and body language.

Reading – Orally represents writing but it can change its meaning. “Reading is understanding the meaning of written words and understanding the meaning of unwritten words” .

Writing – Visually represents a story, an action or a thought in written form. There are various forms of compositions: poetry, narrative, article, claim, etc.

Listening – The art of understanding spoken and non-verbal language.

Speaking – Interact with third parties through the use of words.

Watching – The art of understanding the language represented visually: paintings, videos, photos and body language.

Visually representing – The art of visually representing a concept or reality.

Body language – Every movement of the body is like a word.

Fabio Muggeri

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